You’re getting ready to take the DAT. Don’t stumble on the Perceptual Ability test (PAT) section of the DAT.

The PAT is often the most challenging portion of the DAT, so any improvement in that score can mean you are admitted OR miss the cut for admission to the school of your dreams.

Developing Intelligence about Space (DIS), our PAT preparation online course, will give you the confidence and skills to get the DAT down PAT.

International spatial skills expert and course creator, Dr. Sheryl Sorby, briefly tells why spatial skills matter to dental students

Here’s How to Boost your DAT And Your Core Thinking Skills

Programs like Kaplan Course for the DAT and Crack the DAT charge from $1000 up to $3000. They provide mostly practice tests and the “tips and tricks” to improve your score. Crack the DAT has a section just on the PAT, which costs between $100 and $150.

But what if you could not only boost your PAT score with a training program with proven results but also improve your overall DAT score in the process?

This is what the Developing Intelligence about Space (DIS) online course is able to do. In a pilot study, students increased a full 2 points, on average, on the PAT, and many people improved even more.

And the reason why this works is because the Developing Intelligence about Space online course is based on training your core spatial skills, and has been shown in peer reviewed published research studies to improve your spatial skills that can not only improve your chances for admission but also your actual performance in dental school as a practicing dentist.

In fact, this Developing Intelligence about Space online course has been shown in peer reviewed research to even translate into gains in math and science, other sections of the DAT. Therefore, by doing this intervention you can more broadly boost your DAT score along with improving your core skills and performance across a variety of areas.

What do you get with the Developing Intelligence about Space online course?

The course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson has a recorded mini-lecture, an instructional software module with background information and exercises, demonstration sketching videos, and a chapter in a hard copy workbook with sketching problems.  Since the workbook is hard copy, there is no automated grading. You will have an online solutions key to verify your answers.  You will also receive snap cubes that are extremely helpful as you work on your sketching exercises.

All of the lessons are self-paced.  Your subscription to the course will be available for 6 months from the time of purchase.

Before you start the course, there is an online spatial test that will assess your spatial abilities. After you complete the course, there is another spatial test to assess your improvement.

Technical support for the course is primarily via email.

Resources in the DIS course

  • Pre and Post course spatial skills assessments

    We use the Purdue Spatial Visualization: Rotations (PSVT:R) multiple choice test to assess your spatial skills both before and after the course.

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