Dr. Sorby provides Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Project Consulting and Coaching Services.



Are you considering starting a spatial training program at your institution?

Or, perhaps, you want to broaden your team’s understanding of the issues related to weak spatial skills?

Dr. Sorby can help you launch your program by providing a workshop with:

  • Hands-on instruction using her “Developing Spatial Thinking” curriculum
  • A review of the research behind the importance and value of spatial training to help your team determine whether to embark on a spatial training program at your institution.



Need to be convinced? Need to convince others?

Dr. Sorby is a frequent speaker on the significance of spatial skills for all students especially as it relates to student success and retention.

Spatial skills are used in many other professions including  computer science, architecture, dentistry, geology and textiles. Educators and administrators across disciplines benefit from hearing compelling evidence on the value of spatial training directly from Dr. Sorby.